Cobalt Route 66 Flea Market

363 West High St. Cobalt, CT 06414
Site last updated 11/27/2012

Cobalt Flea Market building front!
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Vendor Info

Are you a vendor interested in our Connecticut flea market? Call 860-529-0844 or 860-655-0844 and ask for Pat, or e-mail

  • We provide a car space for $15.00 for the day.
  • $20.00 for tag sale.
  • Approximately 20 ft square.
  • You bring your own table.
  • Walk in vendors are welcome!

Indoors for the winter!

Our flea market in Connecticut will be going indoors for the winter after the outdoor season ends! We are going to use some of the space in Jerry's Market during the winter for vendors. The space is 8x12 and $400.00 for the month, smaller spaces available for less - contact us for more details! Open 7 days a week. We can provide someone to sell your goods for commission if you don't want to be there every day. Contact us for more details on this exciting opportunity!

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In the news!

3/17/2011 Article

Hours of Operation

Open every week,

Monday - Sunday,

10am - 5pm

... rain or shine!

363 West High St. Cobalt, CT 06414

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